Vacuum Trucks For Sale

Getting the right vacuum truck is very important. Check out our vacuum trucks to find just the right truck for the job. If you don’t find what you’re looking for let us know, we can build it from the ground up.

The following is our current inventory.

Vacuum Trucks for sale

Oilfield Vacuum Truck For Sale

New Vacuum Trailers

Fruitland 500 Vacuum Pump

Air-activated Gravity Spraybar

130 Barrel Vacuum Trailers 

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1950 Gallon Vacuum Tank

Ready to be outfitted to fit the customer's needs.


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Do you use the vacuum truck in the late night hours? We can add work lights to our current selection of vacuum trucks.

Any of our vacuum trucks can be used for the oil field industry as oilfield vacuum trucks, septic use, grease extraction and most any other application you need for vacuum use.

Our vacuum trucks can be specifically designed to meet your company’s goals. The vacuum truck options include the following: sight tubes, hose hooks, gate valves, catwalks and various types of pumps. The current inventory of vacuum trucks can be modified to include some of these options. Please call one of our trained professionals with your questions.