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ETTS is a distributor for Hilbilt dump truck bodies and trailers. Hilbilt has been manufacturing quality dump beds and trailers since 1969. Hilbilt has a full range of dump bodies for any job from material hauling to heavy excavating, we've got a dump body for the job. The Mongoose dump truck body is for heavy duty jobs. Built from AR-400 or AR-450 steel, it will hold up to severe use. Available in 3/16,1/4, or 5/16. The XPC is the light duty body with cross memberless design being lightweight yet strong enough to hold up to your needs.

Whether your requirement involves hydraulics, bearings, trailer accessories, suspension components, wheels, tarp systems, electrical, dump trumps for sale in Texas, parts fabrication or genuine replacement parts, we can deliver. We strive to attain the highest standards of quality and customer service for your governmental, agricultural, transportation and construction needs. It is through our professional and skilled work-force that we maintain this level of dedication.

HilBilt Sales has been in business since 1969. We are a distrubtor for HilBilt dump truck bodies and trailers. We are also a distributor for the full line of Clement trailers. We sell and instrall wet line kits, auxiliary axles, and tarps. We also have vacuum truck pumps for sale Texas and Vacuum trucks for sale in Texas

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Dump Trucks

red hilift Cat dual chassis 12yrd 10ft cat 18yrd
big brown small dump red mongoose red/gray green dump
trailer Hilbilt Trailer KW Hilbilt trailer Hilbilt
Mack Dump Truck White Cab, Black Bed Dump Truck