Vacuum Trucks For Sale

ETTS has field tested and proven vacuum trucks that will meet your needs. Whether 40, 60, 80, 100 or 110 barrel is required we can provide these vacuum tanks on either a Dealers new chassis or your used chassis. We work closely with many of the US leading truck dealers to help you get the vacuum truck you need.

Any of our vacuum tanks can be used for the oil field industry as oilfield vacuum trucks. Also used for septic vacuum trucks, grease extraction and most any other application you need for vacuum use.

We use only quality proven components in all of our manufactured products.

Also: ETTS can build a tank to fit your needs. We build 500 gallon tanks and up to 4200 gallon tanks. Buy one of our ready built vacuum trucks, water tank trucks for sale, septic trucks for sale, vacuum truck pumps for sale Texas, vacuum truck for sale in Texas, dump truck for sale in Texas or send us a truck and we'll do the rig-up for you.

ETTS will sell you just the tank or do the complete rig-up if you need an oilfield vacuum truck or other types of vacuum trucks for sale.

Features include: pump systems (Jurop, Challenger, Fruitland, and Cowboy); full length fender/hose trays; epoxy liners in tank; heavy duty bumper; storage boxes.



  • Custom paint
  • Pumps: Jurop, Massport, NVE Challenger, Fruitland pumps.
  • Full length fenders/hose trays
  • Catwalks
  • Work lights
  • Gear pumps with plumbing
  • Sight tubes or sight eyes
  • Hose hooks
  • Gate valves or ballvalves on discharges