Water Trucks For Sale

ETTS has water tank trucks for sale that are equipped to handle your big or small jobs. Our tanks are versatile to handle virtually any application from municipalities, mining, oil field service, to construction. ETTS has many options available to customize your tank to fit your jobsite requirements. With sprayer heads mounted on front, rear, and sides if needed to get the most coverage during spraying operations. If you need a big or small water truck, call East Texas Truck Systems.

Our water trucks transport water for various applications including:   Dust Control; Firefighting, Construction and Demolition; Grading/Paving.

ETTS can also build potable water tanks. East Texas Truck Systems has built potable water tank trucks for sale for many applications. If your Water Truck needs to carry potable water, let us build it for you.


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Systems consist of:

  • 2000 gallon up to 5000 gallon tanks with baffling
  • Front spray bar
  • Rear spray bar
  • Side sprayer
  • Control tower to individually activate each spray head
  • air activated sprayers


  • Hydraulic driven pump systems
  • Hose reel
  • Water cannon with joystick remote control
  • Storage boxes
  • Tank interior epoxy lining
  • Suction ability
  • Street flusher system
  • Custom plumbing
.... ...